Almost 95 Thousand People in 2016!

It has been a fun year in Heaven as the Angels rejoiced over almost 95 thousand people who repent of their sins and asked Jesus Christ to save them and to dwell in their hearts. This year I read this quote: “There are three stages to every great work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”  – Hudson Taylor missionary to China. I know 95,000 in one year is wonderful! I also know that 1,418,338 souls (our current total) is a far cry from the 20 million that we are aiming for, but, first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done. So we shout “To the Glory of the Father!!” and we run to win one more!


1,405,986!! headed towards 20 million!

So Much Going On! Share this and let folks know that Vision 2020 is all over the world in the next few months and it is so exciting!  
We are reaching the World via the internet ministry of Global Media Outreach,
Hong Kong Christmas outreach with ministry friends the Fischers 
Togo crusade in February with Bishop James Mwongo 
Haiti in March, with John Smithwick Ministries Int’l 
Honduras outreach, with a WOL team lead by Jesse Fillenworth and Pastor Sam Resendez in April 
Cambodia and Thailand in June, JSMI and our own T.J. Hooten,
This year has seen 77,564 people enter the Kingdom of God so far and of that 2717 were from this past week!
3- Barry Lipscomb, personal evangelism,12-4-16
135- Pastor Venkat, A Word of Life Church in India, September-November
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1 salvation at the MOSES Bible Study, 12-7-16
12- Word of Life North Counseling Center, Rose Matzek, 12-11-16
14- Bishop James Mwongo, convocation in Kenya 12-9-16
115- Funeral in Kisumu, Kenya, Bishop James Mwongo, 12-10-16
2435- Final tally of the Dec. 5-9th, Liberia Crusade, (4043 total)
One more location to go! Pray strength for Pastor Boimah and the crusade team!
1,405,986!! headed towards 20 million for Jesus!

The Power of Children’s Outreaches

All this makes me so excited for our next Children’s in-reach/outreach, December 2 – 4th. This outreach gives parents time to shop or wrap presents while our guest ministers come and share “Jesus, the Original Superman” with the precious children.  (So excited!!!)