May 14th, 416,569 since January 2006


(picture above)    Brian Essary preaching in Haiti

This is one of the first pictures that we got from the crusade in Haiti early in January, here is what we recorded about that crusade;

We got the final numbers in for the Haiti Crusade and there were 3.54 souls saved for each dollar spent, totaling 33,615 soul for this event. Vision 2020 churches in Wichita and Lakeland, Florida contributed to this. 
Also reported this week were 338 souls in El Salvador and Argentina, GZ Youth Group, Street ministry, WOLTS chapel, Moses class and some one on one souls winning!
I failed to mention in the note above, that there were many healings and miracles reported, even from TV and radio audiences.

BUT!!! That was January…

THIS week, we added 126 souls to the count and it is only Tuesday.

125 souls are from our missionaries in Botswana and the people that they oversee. They start teaching the new believers how to disciple new believers and it is making a tremendous impact. ALSO, one of the former students at WOLTS (Word of Life Traditional School) wrote a letter to thank them for introducing him to Christ, he has just recently accepted Jesus and was excited to share what the Lord has done.



May 11th, 416,444 since January 2006

Greetings Dear Ones!
Lots of hearts seeking at GZ this past week, I think 30 came forward. But appearently non were 1st timers. We did get a report of a whole family in Pastor Hernandez’ group. Yeah!!
What do you have to add? And what would you like to say about Vision 2020?
Be Bless and strengthened in Him,

May 5th, 2013 416,443 since January 2006

So we added 925 more to the Vision 2020 count this weekend, having obtained the numbers from Pastor Acosta’s ministry time in Argentina. He and other ministry partners reached out on radio, TV, a mini crusade and meetings all over the country. “I love winning souls” he said, “I am blessed to be able to do this kind of ministry”.


Pastor Acosta joined Vision 2020 after God showed him that he would hook up with a non hispanic minister and his vision. Pastor Acosta, was already a serious soul winner and had trained many ministers and leaders through a ministry he called El Camino. As Pastor Acosta was ministering at a church conference in Wichita, He met Pastor A.D. Coleman, who was ministering in music at the conference. Pastor A.D. shared the Vision 2020 concept and Pastor Acosta asked to speak with the leaders. The rest is history, we have been partners in Vision 2020 since October 2011.


Keep an eye on our resources page for Pastor Acosta’s Bible School Curriculum in spanish.




May 4th, 2013 415,858 since January 1st 2006

My Grandmother went to be with Jesus this morning! I told her yesterday that it was like she was winning the lottery and that even though I would miss seeing her now, I would look forward to seeing her later. I felt lead to ask her to pray for the doors to open up for ministry into China. (the nurse said that she blinked her eyes, as if to say that she would). She was so close to heaven, and I hoped that it would help her focus on Jesus and bring purpose to her final quiet moments. I was so glad that I called. I wrestled with a bit of sadness for myself until I heard about my cousin’s visit about an hour before she passed. This is what my Aunt wrote:


 She was peaceful and I believe she knew that she would soon be with the Lord. My son Zac and his pregnant wife Randi drove down from Orlando to see us and Gladys.  It was late when he went to the nursing home and they were able to spend about an hour with her.  as you know she had not been responsive or able to speak for days.  When Zac told her goodbye and leaned over her she tried to sit up and said “NO”.  He and Randi had no doubt they were not supposed to leave so they sat back down and she was peaceful again.  They stayed another 15 minutes and told her they needed to go because they had a long drive home.  That time she stayed peaceful.  They called me on the way home as they were driving, Zac said the traffic was stopped.  When they finally got to what the problem was there was a 10 car wreck.  Had he left the first time he would have been in the middle of that.  God is good.  God used her to show his great mercy and protection right up to her last breath.   -EGB


I haven’t been sad at all since hearing it! Look how God can use a person who was unresponsive or even able to speak. She was focused on Jesus and had a word of knowledge for Zac and Randi that may have saved their lives.


Thanks for praying for the walls to come down in China, Grandmama. We look forward to seeing you on the other side, bringing a harvest of dear Chinese brothers and sisters with us!!




May 2nd, 2013 415,858 since January 1st 2006.

People who work in youth ministry understand all too well the verse that says:

 Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. PS 126:5

 The youth group at our church has seen both sides of this verse over and over, and still they plant and cry and reap with rejoicing. God in them, is amazing!

 Parents criticize, even though they won’t be bothered to give their own child a ride to church. Youth complain,… they are youth,… they do that. And ignorance of God’s word and morality has today’s youth and parents both crying foul when they hear them speak against sexual immorality. Here are 16 verses that are very clear to me, if you believe what God’s word says…

Keep up the great work harvesters!! Two more souls in the kingdom Wednesday night.


April 29th, 2013 415,856 since January 1st 2006.


There is one disappointment in sponsoring crusades, and that is when a crusade is postponed. We scheduled one last fall for Africa and he settled on Liberia in December and so we waited in anticipation for the crusade date the 4th of April and then found out that it had to be postponed until September because all the funds didn’t come in and he felt like it was important to do the crusade the way that he had in his heart to do it.


It seems like about one crusade in 4 or 5 are changed in some way. One was stopped by the countries government, so the evangelist had an opening a couple of months later in Cambodia. The doors closed one time in Brazil, only to become wide open a few months later in Nicaragua. One crusade in Zambia was postponed because the evangelist was over medicated for an infection and almost died, but 6 months later God moved mightily! One crusade had to change it’s location 3 times because of danger and rioting, but people still came and hundreds of people experienced miraculous healings and thousands came to Christ Jesus who had never heard of Him before.


Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Prov. 13:12


Oh Thank You Jesus for the precious fruit of the earth! We wait for Your harvest in Liberia!



April 28th, 2013 415,856 since January 1st 2006.


So, we have been sharing this Vision 2020 idea with other church leaders since 2005, because it is so easy to do. It is strategic giving, looking for the highest yield for each dollar. Everyone who really listens to the idea, has approved, but only one guy jumped on board right from the start. Sad to say, this guy, Richard, had some ministry changes and we lost contact with him. (Hope you read my Blog R.D., we would love to hear from you!)

I mention this to say, that in the past year and a half, there have been close to about 10 churches that have agreed that they want to be a part of Vision 2020 and 5 of those have already added to the souls or contributed to the next crusade.


Welcome our soul winning friends! Let’s go do it!